7.23 Trillion Reasons Why Trump Should Not Be Re-Elected

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The Covod 19 deaths and infections continue to rise. I am not blaming Trump 100% for these numbers but he is not being given a pass. He reacted slowly to the spread of the virus to the United States and he has been cavalier about the latest rise in covid cases across many states.

Hopefully unemployment rate will drop but will still stay high for the next few years.

Not sure if or how much of Trump’s campaign rallies or golf outings are reimbursed by RNC or Trump.

Doanld Trump Jr’s secret service expenses and charges to taxpayers for use of Trump properties have recently been reported in the media.

Clearing My Mental Cache

Items that may amuse, entertain, inform and inflame you…

Pickleball challenge


The experience of finding an open court to play pickleball in the next few weeks may be similar to trying to find a dinner reservation on Mother’s Day. One might expect long lines, unexpected delays and the need to acquire a lot of patience.


Just a thought: For pickleball to become more mainstream and garner national attention,  it needs a “bad boy” like Nick Kyrgios or John McEnroe to compete against Tyson McGuffin, Ben Johns etc. of the pickleball elite.


While I agree that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time, I don’t think he would beat Lebron James in a one on one game if both were in their primes.


Book recommendation: Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby. An excellent compliment to the recent ESPN documentary The Last Dance.


As an aside, I am old enough to remember seeing him play and I choose Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns as the greatest football player of my lifetime.


I would not miss baseball if they did not play in 2020. I would miss college and pro football as well as pro basketball if they did not play in 2020. I am also under the opinion that the NBA should not bother resuming the 2019-2020 season’s games. Wait till November and start the new season.


Old Paradigm (before coronavirus) “Hi neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar?

New Paradigm: “Hi neighbor, (through mask) can I borrow a roll of toilet paper?”


Five Biggest Lies of the Pandemic

  1. “We all in this together.” (slogan used by just about every company in their ads since March.)
  2. “I don’t take responsibility at all.” (Donald Trump-3/13/20)
  3. The coronavirus is very much under control in the USA…(Donald Trump 2-24-20)
  4. It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Donald Trump 2-28-20)
  5. The virus is not going to sink the American economy,”. “What is or could sink the American economy is the socialism coming from our friends on the other side of the aisle. That’s the biggest fear that I have today.” (Larry Kudlow Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 28)


Just an observation but I wish Congress and the President exhibited the same energy, resources and urgency for small businesses and employees that the Federal Reserve did in supporting Wall Street, large corporations, CEOs and wealthy stockholders.


Fox News just published their poll of suburban women. 33% of those women polled had a favorable view of President Trump; 66% had an unfavorable view. What is more surprising? (A) Fox News posted the results of their anti Trump poll? Or. (B) There are still 33% of suburban women with a favorable view of Trump?


Though children are not able to attend schools in person, they are receiving a far greater and more impactful education in human nature, mortality, sacrifice and compassion.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Deaths

OC 5-15-20

Governor Murphy opened up the Jersey beaches but with the proviso that there would be social distancing and that people would wear masks. The Ocean City boardwalk was packed. I viewed the crowds from the cams I had along the Boardwalk. There was very little social distancing and I saw very few people, including those who were my age, wearing masks.

I’m not surprised that people took advantage of a beautiful day to go the Shore. I’m astounded that so few made even the slightest effort at social distancing and wearing masks.

I think Governors and most elected officials are losing their stomachs in urging precautions and restraints. The populace has tired of making sacrifices and there are so many false reports about the coronavirus that people are not as afraid as they should be in getting infected.

My Dream Team to Save the Country

As I write, approximately 736,000 people are infected with coronavirus, 80,000 hospitalized and 40,000 dead in the United States. These numbers probably do not reflect an accurate representation; the numbers are probably much higher. A number of epidemiologists have also opined that the models on which the government has been basing their projections on infections and death are probably inaccurate and should not be used as guidance for when to re-open the country.

There is no vaccine and probably won’t be one for another 12 to 18 months. There is no current universal protocol or drug remedy for coronavirus. While the stock market has recovered gradually, small business and Main Street have not. Over 22 million people have applied for unemployment in the last four weeks.

Many citizens, spurred by the president’s tweets, have started to protest and demand that the economy be reopened. The president’s tweets are a contradiction of his self announced policy on the reopening of the economy where he emphasized following the guidance of his health experts.

So what to do?

The president has created an economic task force that includes his daughter and son-in-law. There are no doctors or scientists on this task force. Honestly, a bunch of lightweights both intellectually and talent wise are not going to inspire confidence or leadership that we badly need. Extraordinary times require extraordinary people to accomplish extraordinary results. It’s time to get extraordinary people on board and save this country.

I have my own ideas on the right people to form a coalition to address coronavirus issues and create a plan and timeline for people to return to work. Now all the starts with one huge move. When a CEO of a company is under performing, incompetent or has lost the confidence of the market, they need to be replaced. Sometimes when a company is experiencing these types of issues, they will bring back a past CEO to right the ship. We have four former presidents that are available. But only one has been battle tested and experienced with issues and resolutions related to pandemic, financial and economic crisis. Ideally, Barack Obama would serve as a temporary CEO of the United States.

I have created an imaginary org chart (below) of smart, talented, battle ready men and women to call upon and serve their country in this unusual crisis. There are both Democrats and Republicans on this team – – but they must put aside party affiliations and act solely as Americans.

The thinking and policies that took place before March 1, 2020 are dead. It’s a new world. We need new perspectives. Ideas that worked in the past probably will not work today or in the future.

I kept some members of the Trump administration including Mike Pence and Steve Mnuchin. There would need to be some continuity between the current task force and the one that I would propose. I have added Condoleezza Rice and Chris Christie. You may wonder why. Essentially Miss Rice’s job would be to act as Secretary of State and repair our relations with our allies in Europe and coordinate a united response to the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Christie would serve as attorney general and does have experience dealing with disruptions and damages spawned by Hurricane Sandy.

The mandates for this coalition would include the following:

  1. Mitigate, monitor and manage the spread of coronavirus among American citizens. Ensure that required equipment, staffing, funds and assistance are provided to keep our citizens safe.
  2. Conduct required research, studies and due diligence to create effective protocols and drugs to treat those afflicted with coronavirus.
  3. Conduct required research, studies and due diligence to create and effective vaccine for coronavirus by January 2021.
  4. Establish timelines and priorities for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine by June 2021.
  5. Ensure protection and integrity of critical supply chain items, particularly food, clothing and medicine during this pandemic.
  6. Develop strategies, safeguards, funding and planning for the reopening of American businesses, particularly small businesses. Ensure availability of adequate credit, resources and assistance to keep businesses open.
  7. Develop strategies, safeguards, planning and financial assistance for those who are unemployed. Minimize economic dislocations (foreclosures, loss of health insurance etc.)
  8. Ensure fair elections in November 2020. Develop protocols for mail-in ballots.

Leadership Team