Senescence Round 7

Regrets I have a few but then again too few to mention…
If I could enter a time machine that could take me back 55 years and with my current knowledge and life experience, I would still repeat 90% of my lifetime decisions and actions if I had the chance to relive them.

What convinces someone of the value of your judgement and advice is not by what you say but by what you have accomplished.

Sanskrit is more decipherable than an angry woman.

Most men pursue the second prettiest woman at a party.

The best parties often involve only two people.

Flirting, like intimate conversation, has become a lost relationship art.

Those who strive to impress the least, impress the most.

Caring what other people think of me is a blessing and a curse.

I’d rather be the underdog than the top dog.

What would cure many ills and problems is a good night’s sleep.

There is no antidote to grief except time. However time does not heal all wounds but masks like a scab to cover the pain.

My mind often creates an illusion that my body understands is just a delusion.

Picture by EAB

Best of South Jersey Dining

Most of the time when reviews or lists of restaurants and dining are written, the ones selected are at a very high level in terms of costs and formality. This is a lower brow list based on my limited budget and accessibility.

Best Bars and Casual Foods

  1. Blue Monkey, Merchantville NJ
  2. Ollie Gators Berlin NJ
  3. Rexy’s Audubon NJ
  4. Kaminski’s Cherry Hill NJ
  5. Dooney’s Delran NJ
  6. Vagabond Burgers Egg Harbor NJ
  7. Pat’s Cherry Hill NJ

Best Pizza:

  1. King of Pizza, Cherry Hill NJ
  2. Manco and Manco Ocean City
  3. Nick’s Cinnaminson NJ
  4. Carollos Pennsauken NJ
  5. Bertucci’s Mt Laurel NJ
  6. Tacconelli’s Maple Shade NJ

Best Hoagies:

  1. Jersey Mike’s Cinnaminson and Cherry Hill NJ
  2. Chick’s Deli, Cherry Hill NJ
  3. DiPascales at Meadowbrook Pennsauken NJ

Best Formal Restaurants

  1. Il Villaggio Cherry Hill
  2. Filomena’s Deptford NJ
  3. Iccara Italian Bistro Cape May NJ

Best Wings

Pronto Merchantville NJ

Best Diners

  1. Ponzio’s Cherry Hill NJ
  2. Pandora Cinnaminson NJ

Best Fast Food

  1. Bagelati Cinnaminson
  2. Chick-fil-A
  3. McDonalds

Best Mexican

  1. Plaza Azteca Sicklerville NJ
  2. La Cita Authentic Mexican Cherry Hill NJ

Best Japanese

Yokohama Maple Shade

Verbal drop shots

On Sunday, I actually watched more of the PPA Cincinnati tournament on Tennis Channel then I did pro football, including the Eagles game. What a huge difference in production value are pickleball games televised on Tennis Channel or CBS Sports network! I was pleased to see that both Tyson McGuffin and Simone Jardin won gold medals in their respective competitions. Both are being prematurely written off as serious competitors due to their age and the influx of younger players. I identify with older athletes trying to stay competitive and relevant.

I did notice that the Cincinnati crowd thinned out for the men’s singles final in Cincinnati. Possibly it was because it was a long day with five finals being decided and the men’s singles final was the last event of the tournament OR fans are just not that interested in singles competition.

I have heard some positive reviews from local players using the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invitka. The paddle has a steep selling price of $250 but these players seem to think that the potential results and benefits are worth the cost. They feel it provides more “pop” to their drives and touch to their third and drop shots.

Professional pickleball has not yet developed any significant rivalries like Nadal vs. Federer, Evert vs. Navratilova, Cowboys vs. Eagles or Army vs. Navy. But it is coming. On court, I don’t have any “rivalries” but I do have people I use as “measuring sticks.” These are players whose skill levels are better than mine and I contrast how competitive I am to their game. My measuring sticks include both men and women who help me improve my game.

I really am enjoying the competitive level at Berlin Intermediate meetups. The styles of play vary and I was able to play a few games last weekend that focused on the soft game including third shot drops, cross court dinks and a more cerebral approach to shot selection .