Everything but the Kitchen Dink

Pickleball : recreation = bitcoin: finances.

Chart below reflects searches for the term “pickleball” on Google. You can see the meteoric rise and interest in the game beginning in 2014.


Just sayin’…I prefer being the underdog than the favorite.

I’d rather run the risk of losing 0-11 if I had the chance to upset or be competitive with a superior team than win 11-0 against a less talented or experienced team. I may remember the one or two successful points against a pair of 4.5+ players than the 10 or 11 successful points against a less talented or experienced team.


Signs of smart intermediate doubles play: handling your opponent’s lobs and making necessary switches for court coverage. Strategy on handling lobs should be discussed between partners prior to a game particularly if you are playing together for the first time.


I’ve noticed in mixed doubles competition that the role of women decreases with each higher level of play. Many women players are relegated to defensive plays and resets, especially in money tournaments. This is very noticeable in professional tournaments when games are close. Some male players, like Ben Johns will cover 80-90% of the kitchen area even when he’s paired with Simone Jardin!


I’d like to see a mixed doubles pairing of Ben Johns with 14 year old Anna Leigh Waters who won the singles title and the women doubles title (with her mom) at Orlando PPA. Anna Leigh poached aggressively and “pushed” her mom off the court on a few points at last weekend’s tournament during the women’s doubles tournament match.


Morgan Evans: pickleball commentary = John McEnroe: tennis commentary.

One of the benefits of the PPA Pickleball Orlando coverage was the commentary by Morgan Evans. Like John McEnroe, he is an accomplished player who is articulate and can explain the game to the general audience as well as current pickleball players and also has a dry sense of humor.


Lucy Kovalova: pickleball = Anna Kournikova: tennis

Big difference is that Kovalova routinely wins tournaments as a mixed doubles or women’s doubles champion.


I recommend Manny Lai’s YouTube page. Lots of great pickleball competition from a local star and the cinematography is excellent. Singles and double matches (mixed doubles with Kaley). Note: Manny has an unusual but very effective chainsaw serve that you can see in his videos.


I have been a part-time Meet-up host who has been blessed with a great group of attendees and players. Pretty much, my primary role is to open the gates and get out of the way. However I have tried to incorporate the following to make the Meet-up a more pleasant experience for the attendees:

  1. When possible, maintain a workable attendee number to promote quick turnaround of games for players.
  2. Get to know attendees by their name, especially newcomers.
  3. Encourage newcomers or players who may feel intimidated or uncomfortable to play.
  4. If you see a game where the sides are uneven, suggest a change of partners or a change of game. Avoid routs and blowouts due to talent level differences.
  5. Check on people who may be experiencing issues with heat, illness or injury.
  6. Ensure safe playing conditions. Clear puddles, wet spots, debris etc. from playing areas.
  7. Post pictures or comments post Meet-up to memorialize session.
  8. Promote compliance with USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide.

Waxing Nostalgic II

“The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.” 

― Milan Kundera, Ignorance

The Andy Griffith Show, Hogan’s Heroes, Match Game 75, Barney Miller…these are all 1960 and 1970 television shows enjoying a revival. Many viewers, generally in the Medicare and Social Security eligible categories, are eschewing current produced media fare for TV shows of their younger years.

Why? The reasons may vary but for many it’s a portal to a simpler time with less stress and drama. People need a break from Covid 19, Trump rants, smarmy Fox commentators and an endless stream of violence, disasters and deaths on their TVs and computer screens.

Photo by Andre Moura Pixels

I too pine for simpler times and have compiled a short list of memories, places and people that take me back to a simpler time.

  1. Cherry Hill Mall food court with Nathans, Arthur Teachers and Bassetts Turkey
  2. Drive-In movies
  3. Emma Peel
  4. Local minor league hockey (Jersey Devils, Ramblers)
  5. Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings and Chet Huntley
  6. Extensive coverage of college and high school sports by local papers
  7. Fish’s (Abe Vigoda) asides on Barney Miller
  8. Summer League Basketball at Wood and Memorial Parks (Cinnaminson NJ)
  9. “Missed by that much”
  10. Pat Paulsen running for President
  11. Gladys Ormphby and Tyrone on Laugh In
  12. Barbi Benton
  13. U.S. Pro Indoor Tournament at Spectrum
  14. Chief Jay Strongbow
  15. Lindsey Nelson and Ray Scott announcing college and professional football games
  16. Old Republican party (Everett Dirksen, Hugh Scott, Gerald Ford)
  17. Apologies
  18. Soupy Sales
  19. By Saam and Richie Ashburn broadcasting Phillies games
  20. Petula Clark
  21. Diving horse at Steel Pier
  22. Sparklers
  23. Tinsel
  24. Hill Street Blues
  25. John Larroquette’s (Dan Fielding) leers on Night Court
  26. Mike Wallace interviews on 60 Minutes
  27. Playboy interviews
  28. Sport magazine
  29. Archie Bunker
  30. Phyllis George
  31. The Grassroots

Reader, how many from this list do you remember and know?