Apocalyptic Thoughts from the Bunker

Crystal Ball April 2020


“The governor of Georgia said he only just learned people who have coronavirus but are not showing symptoms can spread the disease, but the CDC and even Georgia’s own department of public health have been warning of asymptomatic transmission for months.”

So much stupidity. Trump, Pence, Limbaugh, Fox News, Fallwell, Hannity, Ingraham, Trish Regan, Brian Kemp, Jared Kushner…

Not to mention what I have read and continue to read on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.



If Stupid was a Stock

Analysis: Stupid continues to grow faster than coronavirus. It’s contagion has spread rapidly into our politics, culture, entertainment, business and religions. Anticipate no correction anytime soon for Stupid. Expect that it will be around for at least another four years.

If Stupid was a Stock.jpg