As I write, the Dow has plunged to 19898 and the S&P to 2398. Currently there are 8700 reported cases of coronavirus in the United States. Watching the evening news, there are increasing signs of panic. People who need tests and can’t get them. Lines of cars stretched miles as they await testing at mobile test sites. Streets are empty. Little traffic even in New York City. I turned on my cam for Times Square last night and noted the empty streets. Broadway is dark and restaurants are closed.

Some ruminations:


I bet there is a think group or collection of scientists and medical people who have a very good estimate of how far this virus will spread and how many people will become infected, become seriously ill and die. I also bet that people running the Federal government and state governments also know and are circumspect with their knowledge as to not create any additional panic.


Historians (if they are still around 10 years from now) will find that widespread mistakes and poor judgment led into millions of people dying and hundreds of millions of people being infected with the coronavirus. Currently there is little time and appetite to review the mistakes that have been recently made.  Another development they will cite is the lack of expertise and good judgment by many officials in the Trump administration.


I would nominate and elect the governor of a state who has displayed the best results and judgment in protecting the citizens of his/her state. Forget debates and speeches, we need the best man or woman to rebuild the country and the economy. Joe Biden is not up to it. Trump certainly isn’t either.


What will the level of panic be when test results show millions of U.S. citizens infected? When bodies lie outside nursing homes and morgues? When grocery shelves are empty as supply chains fail? When celebrities and other famous people die? When banks fail and ATMs don’t work?


I feel like I’m living through the story of the 1959 movie On the Beach starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. In the movie, nuclear war has wiped out most of the world and the radiation clouds are approaching Australia where survivors wait grimly for the bitter end. “There is still time, brother.”

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