Lonesome Loser (1973-1976)

With so much depressing current news and future prospects, I took a look back and recollected some past memories culled from entries from my Journals. These entries covered the time I was finishing up college till the day I met my wife, Christine. I was very awkward socially as these entries will show. The italics after the journal entries represent my current thoughts, clarifications and observations.

Saturday, July 21, 1973

Anne and I saw the musical comedy Annie, Get Your Gun at the Camden County Music Fair. I enjoyed the show greatly and would probably like to see another show soon. (Anne was a co-worker and student at Rutgers. We dated during the summer of 1973. I mishandled the relationship and still feel guilt after 45+ years that I did not end the relationship better.)

Saturday, September 14, 1974

I visited Rutgers on Thursday. I saw Linda Levy, Mike Angelini and Pat Colacci, who I made a tennis date for. I miss going to school. I did sign up to take up the aikido at Pennsauken High night school. (I worked in Camden at an office at Broadway and Market so I would pop over at Rutgers to see friends. I learned to play tennis with Patty.)

Tuesday, September 17, 1974 

Work was slow today. Limongelli gave us our monthly reviews. He rated me “excellent” in my Units and for the respect I get from my fellow employees. (Limongelli was my first manager in the corporate world. I got off to a great start. Sadly I would not have such great relations with many corporate managers in the rest of my career)

Thursday, November 21, 1974

Saw Fred Abbate on Monday. He suggested that I attempt law school in the near future. (Fred Abbate was a teacher I very much respected. Very smart guy! I had thought about being a lawyer but I did not have the energy, money or drive to attend law school.)

Saturday, February 1, 1975

I got up at 11:15 AM and listened to records till noon. I picked up a newspaper and had hot dogs for lunch. Caught the first half of the North Carolina State – Maryland game. Then went to the Pemberton – Pennsauken wrestling match. Dinner at five. Went to the Cherry Hill Mall and Two Guys for some shopping. Had my second dinner at Bonanza (Flounder platter). Home at eight. Watched TV – – mostly the St. Joe’s – Vermont game. (I lead a very dull life.)

Monday, February 17, 1975

I can’t believe it! I weigh 160 pounds!! The last time I weighed myself I was 145 pounds. ( I was very skinny through college.  (I weight a bit more than 160 lbs. today)

June 19, 1975

I went bike riding and to the movies (Return of the Pink Panther) with Pat Colacci. (Typical date with me. I probably took her to Winston’s for dinner too.)

June 25, 1975

Today I had lunch with Betty. Betty is the CBA operator with a sexy voice. Due to my connivance and Janice’s help, I got to meet her. When I first met her, neither of us knew what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. She was fairly attractive and had a great personality. We ate at “The Office” and then she came up with the big bombshell. Betty was married!! She asked me if it made any difference. She’s unhappily married and looking to get out. I am not going to mess with a married girl, unhappy or not… (I was in the midst of setting up a date with Betty when she asked me to move our proposed date back till 8 p.m. I asked why so late and she admitted that was the time her husband was at work. I really was looking for a steady girlfriend so this was not going to work out.)

October 4, 1975

Last night, Allison Steve, Sandra and I ate pizza and talked. I do find that I like Allison. She’s cute, sincere, a good conversationalist and she doesn’t put on airs. Allison had also suggested that I grow a mustache. (My sister Sandra put the kibosh on any romance between Allison and I. Sandra did not like me hitting on her friends and she had a few that I was interested in.)

October 15, 1975

Went to Kaminski’s on Saturday night. Steve and I sat with Marianne Adamson and her friend Debbie. (Steve was my long time friend. But I had poor results setting him up with women I knew. The most notable was a very attractive woman who had worked with me and Steve met at one of the disco’s. On Steve’s behalf, I called her and mentioned Steve’s interest in her. She paused and then said that she would go out with him but Steve could not get interested in her. I asked, “Why not?” She replied, “Because I am getting married in four weeks.”)

Monday, May 31, 1976

Today was great! I went to a picnic with Jerry Murtha a few of his friends. Mostly it was couples with their kids. I played horseshoes and softball. While at the picnic, I met Chrissy and if I say so myself, I went right after her. Jerry informs me that Chrissy seems to like me and since I have her phone number and address, things look good. (First date and time with my wife of almost 43 years. Very, very lucky to have met her. Jerry was a co-worker of mine and the matchmaker. My chasing days were over!)

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