Clearing My Mental Cache 4

As I have grown older, I find that the terms “educated” or “smart” do not necessarily apply just because a person has higher degrees or educational credentials. For example, Donald Trump has a degree in Economics from the Wharton school. Ted Cruz wasted his education at both Princeton and Harvard universities. I think that a person becomes educated or smart based on how wisely he or she uses the information, insights and what they learn.

Civility is becoming as extinct as the American bumblebee.

The best professional female wrestler today and probably ever is Charlotte Flair. She can talk and she can walk the talk.

Like Archimedes, some of my best ideas and insights have come when I was bathing.

Two new words in the Burleigh vocabulary:
Blimbo: noun, a blonde woman of limited intellect. e.g. Many female Fox News commentators are blimbos.
Penced: verb, to emasculate or castrate oneself. e.g. Mike penced himself with his unblinding fealty to his cruel boss.

This is just from my own personal observation but I have noticed that over the past few years or maybe even decades that people don’t smile as much anymore. Are we less friendly to one another? Is smiling a sign of weakness? Have national and local events become so dire that people wear perpetual frowns? Or have I subscribed or generalized to others what my personal experience is?

Mark Twain quote that I enjoy and find wise:
“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” 

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