A Fond Bond Farewell

I watched my first James Bond film at the age of 10 in 1963. That movie was Doctor No starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and Joseph Wiseman who played Dr. No. And while I could tell you the plot of the movie what I most remember is Ursula Andress in a bikini on an island beach. I have watched all of the James Bond movies and some of them maybe 12 or 15 times. I have also read all of the James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming. I have also read the novels written by other authors including  John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffrey Deaver, William Boyd and Anthony Horowitz. I even tracked down a copy of Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis and read it.

On October 29, I watched the final movie of the James Bond series, No Time to Die. I enjoyed the movie. I don’t think it was the best Bond movie but it is certainly within the top 10. It was about 15 minutes too long for my taste and I wasn’t particularly happy about the ending. I might have written Bond off as 007 in a different manner but that’s largely because I am very loyal to the character whose adventures and exploits I have followed for about 60 years of my life.

I did enjoy the heritage musical and script references from earlier Bond movies that were incorporated into No Time to Die.

There has always been a discussion as to which actor played Bond the best. I’ve always been a supporter of Sean Connery as the best James Bond. But upon reflection and seeing Daniel Craig’s acting in the final movie, I have swung my vote over to Daniel Craig.

In today’s culture, the James Bond character does not fit in as a good role model. He was a leering, promiscuous and lascivious straight male whose appetite for conquering women was matched by his courage and dedication to overcoming the villains he faced. In No Time to Die, this was a softer and more respectful Bond. Bond met his match when he met a very young child who shared his blue eyes and as it turned out, his genes.

At the end of the credits of the movie there was a screen shot that James Bond will return. I don’t think he will. I will miss his character.

I have included my list of Bond memories and favorites below…

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