How to Reason with a Die Hard Trumpster

You can’t.

I am somewhat sympathetic to those Never Trumpsters who try on social media, news show, tweets, Facebook posts or in private conversations to convert their family, friends, fellow employees or others to convert from the Darkside. I sense your frustration but you are largely doomed to failure. Unless you can magically transform yourself into a Fox talk show host wearing a flag pin and/or the obligatory crucifixion on a cross, your message will not get through.

Now you could try various arguments to convince a Trumpster that DJT is incompetent, ineffective or worse. For example, you could point out that our self professed “war president” has inflicted over 433,000 casualties on his troops and over 14,000 deaths (as of 4-8-20) by his refusal to act over warnings provided by members of his own administration. Regrettably the numbers will become much larger. You might also point out that our “war president” has sent many of his troops out to war without the necessary armament and protection that they need to stay alive. Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have treated coronavirus patients without the adequate protections of masks, gloves and protective gear. Not surprisingly many of these front line soldiers are being infected and some have died. Imagine FDR before committing troops to Guadalcanal in World War II sending soldiers out without rifles, helmets and and other needed armaments to fight a battle. Or imagine FDR saying that the nation’s governors, not he, have the responsibility to ensure that our frontline soldiers are provided adequate gear. You could point out that our self professed “war president” measures his success in this war by his television ratings from his daily banal news conferences, how the stock market goes up in a given day or if he can keep deaths below a certain projected number. For him that’s “winning.”

Convincing argument? Not to the Trumpster!

You could change your strategy and suggest that the overall economy will probably not recover under DJT. There are no magic bullets left to combat a deep recession much less a potential depression. At Trump’s insistence, interest rates are already near zero. Many companies took advantage of the low interest rates to borrow but now they are over-leveraged and unable to pay. Regrettably this is also the fate of many American consumers. Businesses can’t pay their rents, consumers can’t pay their rents so the mortgages supporting these properties can’t be paid either. Delinquencies rise and banks begin to suffer. Credit markets close suffocating the abilities of mostly small businesses to recover. Trump does not have a record of success in bringing back failing companies or industries. (USFL, Trump University, Trump casino’s etc.) The government does not have the luxuries of defaulting or declaring bankruptcy. The Chinese have outmaneuvered him on trade talks and are becoming closer financial partners with our once friendly allies.

Convincing argument? Again, not to the Trumpster!

You might offer as an argument the horrendous chaos, lies, inabilities to deliver on promises, senseless fights with the press, rampant corruption and mediocre appointees that pervade the Trump administration. When you take time in a news conference in a middle of  national health crisis to bring up a pillow huckster pumping the Bible and prayer instead of Dr. Fauci offering science and possible solutions, you have demonstrated that you have no feel for the moment. When a reporter provided the President an opportunity to address Americans who were fearful and needed reassurance, Trump lambasted the reporter. FDR provided soothing Fireside Chats for Americans suffering through depression and war. Trump promotes his sagging re-election campaign to those who have not tuned out his meandering news conferences replete with misinformation on coronavirus treatments, testing capabilities and actual results.

Convincing arguments? Again, not to the Trumpster, but to everyone else who wants to see this nation and its citizens become healthy, economically secure and whole again, they are.

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