The Price is Right (1970s edition)

I have maintained a personal journey since I was 16 years old. Here are some golden oldies on my entries on what prices used to be fifty years ago…Note gas prices…

March 17, 1973

A haircut cost me $4.25 today. I can remember when they were only two dollars. People are rightfully angry at rising prices and costs. Where does one begin to hold the line?

August 9, 1973

Pair of glasses cost me $44.

Friday, March 22, 1974

Bought an $85 suit on Monday. Pretty snazzy!

Saturday, December 7, 1974

Bought a 1973 Maverick. Price $2118.

Wednesday, January 29, 1975

Gas prices for regular run about $.47 a gallon right now on the average.

Tuesday, July 31, 1979

Flounder $2.29 a pound
Eggs one dollar a dozen
Bread $.53 a load
Steak $2.49 a pound
Pepsi 64 oz. $.99
Lettuce $.59 a head
Milk $.86 for a half-gallon
Hamburger $1.99 lb.
Movies $3.50

Saturday, April 12, 1980

Price trivia:
Gas $1.27 per gallon unleaded
Egg McMuffin, hash browns, OJ $1.94
Sunday Inquirer $.60
Sunday Courier $.35
Gatorade $.69 a bottle

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