Ruminations II

As I write, 667, 878 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus with 33, 534 dead.


The Trump Administration needs to show patience on how and when businesses can reopen and social isolation guidelines can be lessened. Today Trump offered a Powerpoint instead of a well thought out plan. I think Trump wants to avoid leading on this effort. He wants to distance himself from any blame if things go south and a second wave to this pandemic develops.


I’m reading End of a Berlin Diary by William Shirer which provides his notes at the end of the war with Germany and its immediate aftermath. Shirer noted that Hitler was still popular and supported by many Germans even at the end of WWII with their cities and homes bombed, food shortages, Russians at the door and defeat inevitable. I make the parallel comparison to Trump whose indecision on testing has led to tens of thousands of deaths and a national shutdown that has cratered the economy. Yet I still see support for Trump in the polls and I read it on social media.


Nursing homes are the concentration camps in this pandemic war. So many elderly have died.  No care, little concern for patients. Many died alone. Families were unable to provide any consolation or solace when the end came.


Dr Oz suggested on Sean Hannity’s show that it may only cost 2-3% of student lives if universities are open. So we may have moved beyond having just older people over 65 as willing victims to re-open the economy. I see more and more right wingers make the same argument. These are the type of people who would be sitting on the shores of England during D-Day and letting front line people get killed who actually storm the beaches.


Just like any war or crisis, some heroes, some cowards. Wonder why the First Lady has not gotten involved, for example, doing visits to hospitals to show support and boost morale like Eleanor Roosevelt did in WWII.


The Battle of Midway was the turning point in our war against Japan. We desperately need a turning point which would consist of a drug or treatment that is effective against the disease and saves lives.

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