Clearing my mental cache

With all due respect, does anyone else find it incongruous the media attention, accolades and ceremonies around the death of Kobe Bryant? Obviously it was a very tragic event as not only Bryant but his daughter and other families were fatalities in the helicopter accident. I’m also uncomfortable with the characterization by some that Bryant was a “ hero.” He was a great athlete, not necessarily a great role model. Compare Bryant’s death to that of a soldier killed in combat. The President doesn’t post a special tweet for that soldier. Much more often than not, the soldier comes back in a coffin draped with an American flag – – there is very little ceremony. There are no hour long specials based on the soldier’s life and death. No moments of silence at sporting events. Bryant, the businessman would appreciate the money being made from his death (Uniforms, sneakers etc.) So his death also matches his life; exploits = marketing opportunities = $$$.

The results in the United States Senate are very similar to the results one sees in World Wrestling Entertainment. Both have a lot of theater but the results are predetermined; in the United States Senate by Donald Trump and in the WWE by Vince McMahon.

Does anyone else snicker when they hear the term “free elections” used to describe a process in the United States?

The Democrats have probably lost the 2020 elections. Their failure to identify and promote a national spokesperson to spearhead the Trump impeachment trial and  pressure “Soft“ Republicans will cost them in November.

The admonition to Republican senators that history will judge them harshly for their support of Donald Trump has made absolutely no imprint on their behavior and how they vote. They do not learn from history and they do not care how they will be judged in the future. What matters to Republican senators is how they can escape any potential opposition in a primary.

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